Owhango Preserve

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Owhango Preserve
March 10th, 2009

After finishing up the Tongariro Crossing earlier than anticipated (since we couldn't do the summits due to weather conditions), we went and visited the Owhango Preserve. This was a beautiful walk through the fern trees.

Mike in the forest.

A large silver tree fern.

The lush forest around the lagoon.

More ferns near the lagoon.

Mike on the walkway across the lagoon.

Looking up at the tree ferns.

Looking up at the tree ferns.

Mike in front of a rather large tree!

Mike thought the tree needed a hug! :)

Then he decided to climb it!

Looking up another large tree.

We may not have conquered Ngauruhoe or Tongariro that day, but Mike conquered the tree stump!

Then he tried to do his Karate Kid pose on it! If only he hadn't done an Ironman a couple days earlier, and the Tongariro Crossing that day, perhaps his balance would have been better! ;)

A furry tree!

Mike sporting a new hair-do!

Me sporting a "new-do", tree fern style!

A rapid in the river next to the Owhango Preserve.

The colour on this rock caught my eye.

Closeup of the colour and the light reflecting off of the water and the rock.

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