Milford Sound

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Milford Sound Boat Cruise
March 1st, 2009

We finished the Routeburn Track just before noon on March 1st, and got picked up at The Divide and taken into Milford Sound. It rained quite a lot while we waited at the trail head for our bus, so we were concerned we might not see anything at Milford Sound. But the opposite was true - the rain in fact stopped by the time we got there, and because of the rain all the waterfalls were in full force! The area was just stunning - think Yosemite but with the cliffs rising out of water, and on a much grander scale! This is one of the most beautiful places I've been to!

Milford Sound in the misty cloud.

Milford Sound in the misty cloud.

One of the larger waterfalls.

Mountains rising directly out of the water!

Mountains covered in jungle and waterfalls - there's hardly any soil to absorb the rain, so it all rushes down into the water after it rains.

Mike being pensive!

Mike's impersonation of Carson!

Approaching the Three Sisters waterfalls.

The Three Sisters Waterfalls.

Mike in front of the Three Sisters Waterfalls.

The water comes from hundreds of streams up the mountain sides which converge to form the larger waterfalls

Looking down Milford Sound from the boat.

My attempt at being artistic - but the wind wouldn't quite cooperate and fill out the flag!

Some seals on the rocks.

Seals on a rock near a larger waterfall.

The large waterfall that the boat got VERY close to. It's incredible how windy/wet it is when you're right under a waterfall of this size!!!

The beauty of the waterfall and the moss covered cliffs.

Finally - the wind cooperates!

More attempts at being creative - lying on the deck of the boat!

Mike "captures the flag"! :)

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