Sea Kayaking, Milford Sound

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Sea Kayaking on Milford Sound
March 2nd, 2009

After our boat cruise on Milford Sound, we stayed the night at the Milford Sound Lodge so that we could go sea kayaking the next morning. Again we were worried about the weather, as we heard it raining overnight, however we lucked out and got near perfect weather for our sea kayaking adventure - the sun even came out! Kayaking on Milford Sound was a totally different perspective from the boat cruise. We were able to get right next to the cliffs and see the plant life and waterfalls in much closer detail. If you ever get to Milford Sound I highly recommend doing both the boat cruise and sea kayaking - they are both unique and unforgettable! Just remember to bring bug repellant - the sandflies can be quite pesky!!!

Mike in his kayaking gear - we certainly won't lose sight of him!

Mike ready to hit the water.

Me in my stylish kayaking gear.

Mike - please don't lean over any more or you'll capsize us!!!

Rafted up with the rest of our group on Milford Sound.

Rafted up with the rest of our group on Milford Sound.

Stopping to take in the beauty of one of the waterfalls.

Spectacular views from the kayak - this is Mitre peak.

Breathtaking scenery of Milford Sound as viewed from a kayak.

Mike looking at a small waterfall.

Having lunch on a beach - there are hardly any places to land the kayaks out on the sound - it's mainly sheer cliffs!

View from the beach.

Our kayaks lined up on the beach.

Mike having lunch.

Mike taking in the views.

More views of the surrounding mountains.

The kayaks safely back on shore!

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