Ironman New Zealand

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Ironman New Zealand, March 7th, 2009

Ironman was the driving force behind our trip, however we certainly did not let it dictate our trip or limit our adventures!! :) Our taper leading up to Ironman included all the crazy Queenstown activities, plus the 20 mile backpacking trip on the Routeburn Track! Maybe we weren't completely rested going into Ironman, but we were certainly having fun and enjoying ourselves!! :) Anyway, Ironman itself went well. Despite rain on both the bike and the run, conditions were "manageable", and could have been much worse. The volunteers and cheering crowds were great, as with all Ironmans I've participated in. I had the neat experience of being "adopted" by a local business since I was an international athlete. My adopting business, PSIS, went all out in terms of putting a big display in their window and putting a placard out on the street with my name and number - talk about feeling special! :) They also put a sign out on the run course to encourage Mike and me! Anyway, as for the event itself, it was my fastest Ironman to date, and I finally broke 13hrs finishing in 12:59, and Mike had a perfectly respectable time of 13:55 after doing great on the swim and the bike but then having some problems on the run (blisters and crampint) - but not bad at all for his second triathlon ever!!

Mike posing in front of the lead vehicle - ya right! ;)

Me infront of the Taupo Business (PSIS) that adopted me for race week - they had an elaborate window display depicting Canada!

Me infront of the street sign that PSIS created for me - pretty cool!

Mike and me infront of my window display.

Me going for a swim in Lake Taupo a few days before the race.

Waiting in line for the Carbo Load Dinner.

Mike, Aunt Joan, me, Uncle Michael, and Julia at the Carbo Load Dinner Thursday night.

Me and Mike on race morning.

Conrad, Claudia, and Mike on race morning - don't they look chipper!

The swim start.

The swim start.

Mike exiting the swim - all business!

Me exiting the swim - one part down, 2 to go!

Mike early on the bike.

Me early on the bike.

Heading away from the lake early on in the bike.

Mike on the bike.

On the bike.

"The Claw"! Apparently I'm impersonating a cat or something!

Mike early on in the run.

Mike already suffering mightily on the marathon!

Me early on in the run.

The suffering is going on at full strength here! Coming back on the first loop into a headwind after getting drenched in a brief rain storm!

I finally cross the finish line with a new PR, and I finally broke 13hrs - woohoo!!!

Glad to be done!

Mike crosses the finish line after skipping down the chute!!

Mike breaks the tape on his first Ironman, and only second triathlon!

Two very happy finishers!!!

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