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Agrodome, Rotorua
March 11th, 2009

During our brief visit in Rotorua we visited the Agrodome so that Mike could see the sheep shearing and such. We did the farm tour first, and then watched the sheep show.

An oreo cow!



Mike giving an ostrich it's 43rd breakfast of the day! ;)

Who are you looking at!

Captain Cookers. This is also what Mike & I look like after buffet dinners! ;)

Mike under the kiwi vines. tempting.....too bad they're not ripe yet!

Me under the kiwi vines.

Don't forget to signal! To bad we don't have these on our bikes!

Don't mess with me!

An alpaca.

An alpaca.

The llama eating off the truck while the guide shows us its wool.

Mike amongst the farm creatures.

Mike conversing with the locals!

The baby - part llama part alpaca.

The baby with an alpaca.

Me feeding the alpacas.

Me being attacked by sheep......noooooo!

Some deer, including spotted Bambi (not to be confused with Sweet Bambi at Fergburger in Queenstown!)

Nice rack!

Mike feeding the buck.

The buck wasn't too impressed with Mike, so he stuck his tongue out at thim!

The buck on one side of the fence, the sheep on the other.

Don't mess with me!

A large bull - the variety that was used like oxen a lot because they're so strong.

Me cleaning my shoes after the farm tour. Pesky sheep droppings - can't they keep them to the gift shop! ;)

The stars of the Sheep Show at the Agrodome.


After.... Nice hair cut!

The dogs running across the sheep.

I'm the king of the castle and you're the dirty rascal! ;)

Mike makes a new friend.

Mr. Marino looking very stately atop his perch.

Mike makes another friend.

Nice dread locks!

The black sheep...

Posing with a sheep.

Sniff, that cat I smell???

Oh ok, I'll pose.

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