Furnace Creek 508

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Furnace Creek 508
Images from Day 1

Mug-shot as "Nanook", my totem.

Waiting for vehicle and bike inspection on Friday.

Peter sporting his new 508 T-shirt - note the color coordination with our Totem! :)

Carson chilling during vehicle inspection.

Last minute preparations.

Joan and Mike just before the start.

Waiting for the start anxiously.

Heading out of Santa Clarita just after the start.

On the first climb - note how foggy and overcast it is!

Carson in the minivan.

Peter showing us his dental work!

Scenery after dropping out of the fog into the valley.

Somewhere on stage 1.

Peter with the carrots that he picked...

Some of the lush irrigated fields in the valley on stage 1.

Somewhere on stage 1.

Carson posing with a Joshua tree.

Somewhere on stage 1.

Heading up the windmill climb.


More windmills!

Approaching the top of the windmill climb.

Windmills on the descent into Mojave.

Coming into Mojave with some windmills in the background.

Somewhwere early in stage 2.

Coming up to a stop sign in stage 2.

The view from the road on stage 2.

Somewhwere on stage 2.

Zipping along on stage 2.

Coming up the rollers on stage 2.

Rolling terrain on stage 2.

Rolling terrain on stage 2.

Peter and Carson ready to make a handoff if needed!

Mike making a hand-off.

Carson off-roading it!

Still going!

The top of the climb on stage 2 - finally!

A BIG valley - with nasty crosswinds!

Pulling into time station 2 in Trona - 2 stages down, 6 to go!

The list at time station 2 in Trona later in the day - you can see Nanook entered at 15:32.

Heading up the Trona Bump on stage 3.

Looking down into the Panamint Valley on stage 3.

A Relay team pulled over just before the descent into the Panamint Valley on stage 3.

Heading down into the Panamint Valley.

Making the left turn in the Panamint Valley on stage 3.

Somewhere on stage 3.

Heading up the Panamint Valley on stage 3 with a wicked tail wind!

The summit sign at the top of Townes Pass (note that this picture was taken by AdventureCorps before I got to the top!)

Zooming down Towne's Pass in the dark.

What Peter apparently saw heading down Towne's Pass in the dark!

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